Automate tasks via your calendar

Your calendar already knows when and what you want to do. Wouldn't it be nice if it can execute those actions for you, by following some simple keywords?

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Zero-touch integration
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7 tags, endless possibilities

Type them into your event subject or body and we'll trigger them on time

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So easy to use, little to no training needed

Anyone who can use a calendar app can use our intuitive tags. A quick 3 minute intro video is all it takes to get started.

Automation for everyone, not just the techies

No learning curve. No technical skills required.

Seamless operation and zero-touch integration

Use any existing calendar app, no extension, no plugin.

Engineered for security, privacy and speed

Our app was written in modern codes, 100% deployed in Azure, and secured by managed identities.

End-to-end military-grade encryption

Process tagged events only, and nothing else.

No user passwords collected or stored

Certified OAuth2/OIDC implementations all around.

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Free your mind from your calendars

Constantly checking your calendars to make sure you don't miss events or tasks? Let Power Tags take that stress away. Schedule them and forget them – we'll get the job done.

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Truly free, no credit card needed

Free Power Tags Alarm mobile app
Unlimited alarm and notify tags
Attributed use of email/teams tags
15 webhook tags per month


Premium plan


Unlock all tags, link more accounts

Connect up to 3 calendar accounts
Unlock call and sms tags
Remove all tag attributions
Enable multiple recipients per tag
Priority technical support


Organization plan


Tenant management features

Automatic user provisioning
Shared address labels/groups
Shared call/sms numbers
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"Power Tags is a revolutionary app"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any special calendar app?

Absolutely not! Power Tags integrates seamlessly with your calendar provider in the backend. Keep using your existing calendar apps, on the web, desktop, or mobile.

How do the call and sms tags work?

From your assigned phone numbers (or bring your own for call tags), you can make TTS calls or send SMS messages right from your calendar, using the event title, body or your own template as the content.

Power Tags can do lot on my behalf. Is it secure?

Power Tags was developed with security as a top priority, not as an afterthought.

We coded the app from ground up following the latest best-practice security standards. Strong encryption is applied both in-transit and at rest.

Our app is 100% deployed in Azure and secured with Azure AD Managed Identities. We follow zero-trust guidelines and all internal access are subject to strict conditional access policies and multi-factor authentications.

Do I need any special technical knowledge?

Nope! If you can type simple snippets such as alarm30, you can use Power Tags! Our app has been carefully designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You can master it in no time.

Is the alarm or notify tag better than calendar reminders?

Calendar apps' generic built-in reminders easily get buried and lost among the deluge of notifications from today's apps. It's also a pain to create multiple reminders for each event.

Power Tags Alarm makes real reminders that stand out, so you don't miss your important events. You can easily and rapidly create multiple alarms or reminders just by typing simple words.

Do you offer a free trial?

Power Tags has a free plan that requires no credit card or any payment method. You can use 5 out of our 7 tags on the free plan.

The call and sms tags require a paid premium plan, which also unlocks other benefits along with technical support.

If you'd like a trial of the premium plan, please feel free to reach out to us via in-app chat.

Turn your calendar into a smart assistant that gets the job done

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